The Beginning

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Figuring out life in your 20’s is tough. For a lot of people, including myself, you’re basically pushed out of high school and *strongly* encouraged to go to college and figure out what you want to do with your life. Many lucky people know what this is right off the bat, go to college, graduate 3-4 years later, get engaged, pop out some babies, and boom. Life is good, it’s all figured out, time to die.

Not me. I’m going on my 5th year of college; after finally deciding what I want and not what someone else told me would make me the most money. I’m not engaged and planning a big white wedding. Kids are not in my immediate or near future. I do not “have it all figured out.”. I do not have my proverbial shit together. But I am getting there! But boy is it hard.

That’s why I’m here. For my fellow 20-somethings, 30-somethings, basically ANYONE trying to do life and figure it all out.

People love to relate. It’s comforting to find a commonplace with someone else so you don’t feel so alone.

That’s my goal for not just myself, but for others. Our commonplace is that we, like a young Britney Spears, aren’t girls anymore but are also not yet women. Living in an adult world, trying to do adult things, but we still make bowls out of foil because we don’t feel like washing our dishes and we can’t afford to get our hair done so we bravely attempt to bleach our own hair at home! (Yikes)

This website serves as a commonplace for people to relate, where I will share my experience, tips, and things I like or don’t! Of course, with the helpful and always appreciated feedback from readers, like yourself!

Off we go!