Interior Motives

Home design and decor is a hobby so close to my heart. I love to constantly renovate my home as I discover new trends and I’m known to give others advice (if they want it or not)! As I’m gathering inspiration for revamping my office space to help my procrastination, here are some interiors I love!

(via Shannon Kirsten)

I love the color that the drawings and paintings add to the wall

(via gravityhome)

There’s just something about this brown desk against all of the black and white decor and photos. So rad.

(via poppytalk)

I’m really interested in this peg board idea for hanging thread and shelves!

(via Pinterest)

Literally everything about this I love. I low the shelf space and organized clutter.

What do you think about these office spaces? What do you like to have around you that makes you feel the most productive?