My Ride or Die Products for Maintaining Blonde Hair!

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Keeping up with any shade of blonde is tedious and sometimes an all day task. Luckily, through A LOT of trial and error I’ve found the best products to keep ugly canary yellow and orange tones away! Some of these aren’t the cheapest but I really do believe that they are worth every penny and that’s why I feel comfortable recommending them!


1. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in For Blondes

This is a leave in conditioner I use after every hair wash. All it takes is a few sprays in towel dried hair and tangles are no more! Not to mention it also leaves my hair soft and shiny.


2. Matrix Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo and Conditioner

This is a little combo I use weekly to help tone my hair. I leave the purple shampoo on for 3-5 minutes and it completely banishes any ugly uneven tones. I’ve noticed sometimes that purple shampoos can be harsh and leave my hair dry but this one doesn’t at all! I’ve shown this as a duo but you can of course purchase separately.


3. Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus

Batiste has 2 different blonde dry shampoos, a light blonde and brilliant blonde. Not only does this function as a dry shampoo but it has a hint of color to blend into your hair. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week and the rest of the time this is what I use to keep my blonde looking fresh!


4. Redken Extreme Mega Mask

I once bleached my hair 3 times in a week (because I think I’m a stylist) and it was so dry and brittle I was legitimately scared it would break off and I’d have no hair. I used this ONCE in the shower for about 5 minutes and immediately after the damage dramatically decreased! The next day any rough patches DISAPPEARED completely! My hair was totally recovered! I swear by this stuff!


5. Wella Color Charm and 20 Developer

*In this example I’m using the Wella Color Charm T18 because it’s the most popular. However, there are so many other Color Charm toners for blondes that are just as beautiful. I’ve used T10, T11, T14, and I’m currently using T28.*

I would say this method of banishing brassy tones is one of the most effective but if your hair is darker than the desired color of toner you’re using it won’t work! Your hair must be the desired color or lighter for the toner to take to your hair effectively.

You have to mix this toner with a developer!

You definitely do not want to just dump the toner by itself on your head. I mix 1 part toner with 2 parts developer, carefully cover all of my hair with it, and leave on for a max 30 minutes. Then wash as normal and boom! You’ve got yourself an all over even color!


6. Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil

This is another holy grail product for marinating the integrity of your blonde hair after bleaching and toning. You definitely need a good arsenal of supplies to make sure your hair doesn’t just fall off of your head! And good news! This one isn’t expensive and you can find it at Wal Mart, Target, CVS, etc!

I use the tiniest drop of this along with It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner after towel drying my hair and it makes my hair glow and feel so soft!


Let me know if you found this post helpful and what your go-to products are!







How I lost 30lbs in 3 Months! My Tips On Losing the Weight

I’ve struggled with my weight for more than half of my life. Not only was I chunky, I was a good head or two taller than everyone I went to school with up until my last few years of high school. So, I definitely had lots of issues with my appearance.


I’ve tried every diet and fad like, ACE, Paleo, a prescribed phentermine medication, and 21 Day Fix. I’ve also tried to starve myself and I’ve even taken laxatives because I thought they’d help get and then remain skinny. All of these fads I tried fell in a span of almost 8 years and all at different points of my life; they didn’t happenall at once; but I digress.

Nothing was really working for me. I was incredibly unhappy with myself and would purposefully not look into a mirror unless I had to. I mean, I couldn’t look at myself without calling myself a bunch of really nasty horrible names. And I was always comparing myself to other women and fantasizing what it would be like to have a body like Kim K.

My mom had great results with a lifestyle program called Thrive. I mean, she looks banana sandwich. She looks amazing! So I started with the pills, shakes, and dft patches (more on this later). But, I wasn’t really doing it properly. I was still eating out pretty consistently, and I wasn’t working out. I would say it took about 5-6 months after I started Thrive that I actually took my life and my wellness seriously.

Now, this isn’t a blog post dedicated to Thrive, because I did a lot of things combined with it that I feel really contributed to my success. I want to share my experience because I know from firsthand experience what it’s like to not feel like yourself and uncomfortable in your own body.

So here’s the major changes to my day-to-day that I made that really slingshotted me to success in losing weight, yet staying healthy and eating a well balanced meal

1.Meal Prep

I, like many other women have a huge problem with deciding what to go get or make for lunch or dinner. It’s so harddd!! There’s always too many options and I’m so indecisive that it tends to end with a trip to Mc Donalds or Taco Bell. Meal Prep took away that issue because you put in all of the work ahead of time so that when it comes to finally have lunch or dinner you can just grab your tupperware from your fridge, heat it up if you need to, and you’re good! .

Here’s some of my favorite meal prep recipes: 1 2 3

2. Exercising At Home

I also have a problem with gym memberships because I’m a broke college student who can’t afford one and I also hate people watching me workout. So I work out at home with minimal gear. I only own 2 yoga mats, a pair of 3lb weights, and a pair of 5lb weights. I always start with an at home exercise plan that I get off of Pinterest and then I finish with 2 miles of power walking/jogging.

Here are some of my tried and true Pinterest at home work outs: 1 2 3

3. Thrive

I’m still doing the Thrive lifestyle! Thrive by Le-Vel is a lifestyle program consisting of dietary shakes, multivitamins, and nutritional supplements for both men and women. I obviously use the Thrive W for women and it comes with different packs of things you can purchase but I go with the Lifestyle Pack. It comes with dietary supplements taken immediately in the morning with water, your choice of meal replacement shake which I have for breakfast 30 minutes to 1 hour after taking the pills, and DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patches which you stick to your bicep or forearm that helps promote mental clarity, weight management, appetite control, and metabolic support.

I basically just go pills, patch, shake. Boom. Done. I can honestly say from personal experience that Thrive helped my caffeine and Dr Pepper addiction without giving me withdrawal systems like massive headaches! It was a lot easier for me to quit cold turkey. And, adding that meal replacement shake just adds to the simplicity of not having to figure out what to make for breakfast, a lot like meal prep!

For more info on what Thrive is, how it can take your life, and how to get it click HERE.


4. Get a Water Jug!

Okay so I am one of those people who carry around a gallon jug that I repurposed from an old milk jug to drink my recommended amount of water a day. It’s that simple! All I did was wash a milk jug and I used a guide from Pinterest to help me label my jug with the times of day I need to have specific amounts of water drank.

(via Today’s the Best Day)

5. Mental Health

Probably the biggest factor that played a role in my weight loss success is my mental health. True, after you start taking care of yourself with how you treat what goes in your body it will reflect on your mental health. However, I didn’t stop there. I have a relationship with food. A dirty, dirty love affair. I love eating for every emotion. I can be happy, mad, sad, excited, bored, doesn’t matter, I’m eating. I love the experience of eating food with people, the act of coming together for a meal that you all need to provide sustenance. I love dinner table talk! That’s all well and good until you take it too far by pretty much only eating out, and choosing the greasiest and fattiest foods. It’s also not helpful to have an inner monologue of hate when looking at yourself in a mirror.

So, I started celebrating the small victories. I didn’t have one soda all day? That’s a great achievement for someone like me! You didn’t cook AT ALL with butter?? Okkurrr girl, I see you. Once I started giving myself praise for the small things I was changing, it led to helping rebuild my self confidence and encouraged me to do better. Before, it was so daunting to look in the mirror and imagine the hard work it was going to take to get my body back to a healthier state.

There you go! Those are my top tips to integrate into your routine that have worked for me, and I know at least one will work for you. Of course, I can take the time to go further into detail about meal prepping, Thrive, the mental aspect of losing weight, and my workouts in separate blog posts (because no one really wants to read a novel here, I mean come on) if that’s something you’d like to see!


Interior Motives

Home design and decor is a hobby so close to my heart. I love to constantly renovate my home as I discover new trends and I’m known to give others advice (if they want it or not)! As I’m gathering inspiration for revamping my office space to help my procrastination, here are some interiors I love!

(via Shannon Kirsten)

I love the color that the drawings and paintings add to the wall

(via gravityhome)

There’s just something about this brown desk against all of the black and white decor and photos. So rad.

(via poppytalk)

I’m really interested in this peg board idea for hanging thread and shelves!

(via Pinterest)

Literally everything about this I love. I low the shelf space and organized clutter.

What do you think about these office spaces? What do you like to have around you that makes you feel the most productive?

The Beginning

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Figuring out life in your 20’s is tough. For a lot of people, including myself, you’re basically pushed out of high school and *strongly* encouraged to go to college and figure out what you want to do with your life. Many lucky people know what this is right off the bat, go to college, graduate 3-4 years later, get engaged, pop out some babies, and boom. Life is good, it’s all figured out, time to die.

Not me. I’m going on my 5th year of college; after finally deciding what I want and not what someone else told me would make me the most money. I’m not engaged and planning a big white wedding. Kids are not in my immediate or near future. I do not “have it all figured out.”. I do not have my proverbial shit together. But I am getting there! But boy is it hard.

That’s why I’m here. For my fellow 20-somethings, 30-somethings, basically ANYONE trying to do life and figure it all out.

People love to relate. It’s comforting to find a commonplace with someone else so you don’t feel so alone.

That’s my goal for not just myself, but for others. Our commonplace is that we, like a young Britney Spears, aren’t girls anymore but are also not yet women. Living in an adult world, trying to do adult things, but we still make bowls out of foil because we don’t feel like washing our dishes and we can’t afford to get our hair done so we bravely attempt to bleach our own hair at home! (Yikes)

This website serves as a commonplace for people to relate, where I will share my experience, tips, and things I like or don’t! Of course, with the helpful and always appreciated feedback from readers, like yourself!

Off we go!